Hank Curci: Exceeding The Speed Of Light Will Generate A Tempral Space/Time Continuum Disaster.






Making A Mess Out Of The Time Line

Criminals Escaping  In To The Future..

Exceeding the speed of light will bring you to some point in the future when ever we learn how to fly faster than the speed of light which is just a matter of time.

The Star Trek Crew Going On A Six Weeks Training  Cruise On The Star ship Enterprise At Warp Three ( three times The speed of light ) Will Come Back To Planet Earth A Thousand Years In To Their Future …This Is Not SCIFI.

The past will be dumping their unwanted in to the future.

It’s like having Jack The Ripper of Victorian London running wild in modern New York City or Genghis Kahn’s Mongolian Hoards sweeping across the US plains of Nebraska.

Some Temporal control will need to be installed supervised by Time Traveling Police.

All intelligent life will be converted to Synthetic Genetics by then…The Human Being Will Be Extinct.

This  means we can now give birth to a T-Rex with Einstein’s Brain and Attila The Hun’s disposition and when that gets out of control simply send it to the future and let them deal with it..



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