The Devil You Say.. Created By Hank Curci


“The Devil You Say”..

..and on the eighth day..



ENRICO Is Hank Curci’s Penname..



Mondays Are The Pitts..

In Hank Curci’s FREE outer space greeting cards we find LOU SIFFER working for the Galactic underworld located some 17,000 light years from Earth.

Further, he has been given the assignment of getting all the newly born Eves, who live in their respective Garden’s of Eden, on their home worlds, in the CENTAURI GLOBULAR STAR CLUSTER, NGC5139, to eat the Forbidden Apple.

LOU SIFFER will not convince the LITTLE GREEN ,FIRST LADIES to partake of the forbidden fruit for the simple reason they are intelligent plant life, made of CHLOROPHYLL and receive all energy via PHOTOSYNTHESIS from their home stars, same as plant life on planet Earth, and hence eating has no meaning to them.

LOU SIFFER, who wears yellow pokadot Bermuda Shorts, a Red French Beret, Red Sneakers and smokes a Green Cigar is unaware of this and finds himself working with the wrong Adam and Eve script left over from Planet Earth.


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