Hank Curci’s Interstellar DNA Clairvoyance From Outer Space… A Solar Wind Propagation..

Solar Wind Intergalactic DNA..

A Clairvoyance From Outer Space..


There are two billion pieces of Genetic information making up the DNA of  Little Green People.

Little Green Lady From Outer Space..



Solar Wind Intergalactic DNA..

There are 173 Planets in a five light year cube where Little Green People have evolved.

There are about 50 billion Little Green people alive at one time on all the 173 planets.

Hence there are about 30 Little green People alive at one time that have the same identical DNA from Mathematical Probability.

This random probabilistic function puts their physical and mental genetic blueprint at 98% the same.

These identical DNA Little Green People transmit on the same telepathic frequency and hence can send and receive each other’s  messages sent across the vast void of interstellar space.

Their telepathic language is structured similar to the Planet Earth’s Whales and Dolphins squeaks and whistles.

These Earthly mammals use the sonic properties of water to send their messages.

Little Green People are using the Magnetic Energy Fields to carry their electronic solar wind propagations.



Hank Curci’s Popular Outer Space Online Store..




Solar Wind Intergalactic DNA..

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