Living Organic Buildings With Intergalactic Molecular DNA In Planetary Orbit.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..


Orbiting Living Organic Buildings..

Buildings with Intergalactic Molecular DNA

By Hank Curci..




CIRCA 3000AD..

Living Organic Buildings..

The Human Being Is Extinct..

Hank Curci Writes, Living Organic Buildings,  grown via synthetic DNA using billions of hydrogen atoms, found in a nearby nebulae.

The Organic Buildings are fed by the sun’s solar wind energy stream via photosynthesis….

This living carbon and silicon DNA based city is orbiting Planet Earth in year 3000ad…all life forms are synthetic.. the human being has become extinct via self induced extinction….

Planet Earth’s ecology has regenerated back to pre historic times …the Earth is once again biologically pristine. Click on picture to See Hank Curci’s SCIFI thriller short story ebook called


The living buildings have a hybrid DNA of both carbon and silicon and live off the sun’s Solar Wind which contains neutrinos within the electromagnetic energy stream.

There are no more people, all life forms have been reduced to a highly sophisticated electronic chip serviced by an attending main frame computer.

In order to interchange with visiting outer space life forms, the intelligent chips can make an electronic force field hologram of themselves to appear human or look like many of the new life forms that have been found through out the Milky Way Galaxy..



Click On Little Green Lady To See Her Outer Space Family Evolving In The Beautiful Centauri Star Cluster 17,000 Light Years Away From Planet Earth.


End Transmission….

Circa3000AD Space Time Continuum

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