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Thrilling Trip To The Future 3000AD Found On Amazon’s Kindle.. On Sale for $2.99.. ..Written By Hank Curci SCIFI Author

January 29, 2018

Thrilling Trip To The Future, 3000AD,

By Hank Curci SCIFI Author..

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Hank Curci’s Wonderful Collection Of His SCIFI EBooks Found On Barnes and Noble.

January 19, 2018

Wonderful Collection Of Hank Curci’s SCIFI EBooks

Found On Barnes and Noble.

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….Orbit City was burning but at the last minute unexpected help arives…Hank Curci SCIFI Author

September 8, 2017


Hank Curci Writes in his Ebook Thriller





At around year Circa 2150AD ordinary Computers began to evolve their own intellectual capacity equivalent to human intellectual capacity and some computers were friendly and some were not.

In this story The Mainframe Computers were quite warlike and proceeded to destroy all human synthetic life forms. 

From 2200ad to 2450ad Militant Mainframe computers were systematic destroying all natural human life and much of human synthetic life until synthetic life built a beautiful city in orbit about Planet Earth and called it Orbit City.

All life was now synthetic and reduced to a very powerful electro-magnetic chip the size of a human thumbnail..

A chip many times more powerful than a human brain…

Life was now a virtual theatre of endless make believe.. all life experiences were computer generated….a two weeks trip to Hawaii took five micro seconds but was as vivid as if the chip had gone to Hawaii for two weeks.

The Synthetic life forms lived in peace in their beautiful Orbit City for 500 years till the militant mainframe computers found them and once again proceeded to systematically destroy Orbit City….

Orbit City was burning but at the last minute unexpected help arrives…





Hank Curci Writes Time Machine Thriller…Dangerous DNA Scrambling… A Harrowing 2,000 Year Trip Back Through The Mysterious Space/Time Continuum To Ancient Rome, Time Circa 79AD…      

August 20, 2017


Mysterious Space/Time Continuum


Racing A Modern Day Jaguar Sports Car In The Famous Circus Maximus Chariot Races, Ancient Rome, Circa 79AD

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Along The Way To Interstellar Oblivion Universe Recycles All Life Back Into Star Dust…by Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

August 16, 2017


Along The Way To Interstellar Oblivion

A magical gift of life..

By Hank Curci, MS Math, Stanford



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Mars sunset 



All Life Sent To Interstellar Star Dust

Nothing is forever, our mighty star, the sun, will die some day and  beautiful little blue green Planet Earth will die along with it.

Earth will become a burned out cinder wandering off to be recycled back in to interstellar oblivion, there will be no more songs coming from our garden home Planet Earth.

But, along the way to infinity, the ageless Universe gave us this magical gift of life, a Universe asking nothing in return except to enjoy the wonders ..

We got to see the Universe and all it’s magic of life giving stars…




Thrilling SCIFI On Kindle, Sale Price $2.99, Check It Out.



Circa Infinite Universe

 We can go to the Future. But It Is A One Way Trip. You Can Never Go Home Again. By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer.

August 6, 2017


A One Way Trip To The Future…



A One Way Trip To The Future.

The STAR TREK Series, That We All Love, In Practicality Could Never Exist Due To Albert Einstein’s Time Disparagement Function

In The Star Trek Series, a six weeks training mission on board the Star Ship Enterprise, at warp three, would bring back the crew a thousand years in to their future.

There would be no one alive or place recognizable that the Enterprise Crew would know.

Hence having a Star Trek Federation or even a Star Trek Academy could not exist since all Space Ship travel would always bring back the space Ship People well in to their future. 

If We Could Go Back To The Place Of Origin Then We Would Have A Time Machine And Could Have Lunch With Julius Caesar ..There Is No Known Astrophysics Function To Go Back To The Place Of Origin. 


Best Read To Continue is Hank Curci’s



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Part II, Thrilling Trip to Ancient Rome In A Time Machine: Dangerous DNA Scrambling Through Eons Of Centuries.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

August 3, 2017


Thrilling Trip to Ancient Rome In A Time Machine:

Dangerous DNA Scrambling

A Google Play eBook

By Hank Curci


Click On Book Cover For Exciting Synopsis..

Brilliant Young Scientist Invents a time machine and brings back to Ancient Rome a modern day Jaguar Sports car with intentions of racing this beautiful automobile in the famous Ancient Roman Chariot Races.

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From Rome 79AD

Rich Is Not How Much You Have, Rich Is Who You Have Beside You…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

July 31, 2017


Rich Is Who You Have Beside You..



Thrilling Spacenoodles Intergalactic Adventure..

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Roman Honeymoon new cover


End Transmission From

Deep Space Star Cluster

Synthetic Genetics… There Is No Life After Death Because There Is No Death… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

July 31, 2017


Synthetic Genetics


The Human Being Is Extinct By Year 2150AD


Hank Curci Speculates Life After Death, In Year 3000AD, Is A Tachyon Electromagnetic Energy Chip.

The human being is extinct replaced by synthetic genetics. 



A Tachyon Electromagnetic Energy Chip

Hank Curci Holding A Masters Degree In Mathematics From Stanford University Is a Noted SCIFI Adventure Author And Former Senior Aerospace Engineer Lending Realism To His SCIFI EBooks.

Hank extrapolates from what is happening now with the current advent of synthetic genetics and DNA engineering.

We see artificial internal organs being manufactured synthetically to replace worn out natural organs and Hank speculates that eventually the whole body will be synthetic in order to improve and extend life.

STEM CELL RESEARCH, currently being conducted at Stanford University and other centers, will contribute to the synthetic manufacture of human internal organs to save and prolong life.

Finally the only thing that will exist will be an electronic chip capable of duplicating every function that the human brain can do plus considerably more.

The chip will be serviced by an attending Bio-nuclear Mainframe Computer also of unimaginable complexity.

The attending mainframe computer will transfer life’s experiences at nanosecond speeds to the chip providing a theater of endless travel and communication with life far off in the galaxy.

Tiny nano robots that are traveling throughout the Milky Way Galaxy will send back to the mainframes streams of data on life and wonders of the cosmos that we can only imagine at this date.



Roman Honeymoon new cover




New Sale Price…Amazon’s Kindle eBooks: Thrilling Time Machine Adventure To Ancient Rome ….By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.  

July 29, 2017


Racing Jaguar Sports Car In Ancient Roman Chariot Races.


Click On Kindle Ebook Cover Below.

Hi res Jag Lights


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Time Warp Rome 79AD

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