Hank Curci’s Romantic Comedy ..

Please find a chapter in my Romantic Comedy Titled

“Green Streak 396 and Her Almost White Boy”


Romantic Comedy


Notorious And Beautiful Angel Of The Night Secretly Goes to Evangelical High School Prom And Gets Caught…Hilarious




It was early June and the last high school athletic event of the school year was a city wide track and field meet held at Norfolk Hi. It was a big deal and all the major high schools were there competing.

Mario and Christina (Bahama Mamma) were there also rooting for Norfolk Hi.

During one of the athletic breaks, Christina  (Bahamas Mama) was in the girls restroom and over heard three of the girls sadly tell the story that they will not be able to go their Senior prom this year.

The girls further related that their parents could not afford to buy them a prom dress and they were too embarrassed to attend the dance in regular street cloths.

Christina interrupted their conversation and asked what their names were.

Christina said. “All three of you are going to your Senior Prom, I will see to it that you have lovely dresses to wear”.

Christina further said, “my boy friend and I are going and we will expect to see you there”.

The very next day Christina picked up all three girls in Taxi cab Green Streak 396 and drove them to the Norfolk Tux shop where they rent both men and women’s formal attire.

The girls tried on several dresses then picked the ones they liked the best.

Christina paid for the dress rental and they left the store, the girls called their boy friends and told them they would be able to go to the prom.

It is Saturday night in June, 1952 AD, and Senior Prom night at Norfolk High School.

Mario picked up his tux and a pink and white carnation wrist corsage for Christina (Bahama Mama).

He hired taxi Green Streak 396, and arrived at her attractive small house in Norfolk’s African American district.

He knocked on her door and who appeared was, with out doubt, the most beautiful woman in Norfolk, Virginia.

She had on a full length pink strapless evening gown with a large bow tied in the back.

Her hair was done up in a French knot with Polynesian pearls woven through the folds.

She wore a matching pearl necklace with dangling pearl earrings.

Her high heel shoes were soft pink deer skin leather colored to match her dress.

Mario stood there and just stared at her for a few seconds and said “WOW, my darling, you look SMASHING!”

Christina replied, “ thank you sweetheart, it’s because of you I have this new and wonderful life and I’m so excited about going to the prom tonight ”.

NOTE:  (Neither Mario or Christina ever had a High School Prom because Mario joined the Navy when he was a sophomore and Christine was raised in the Streets..so going to a prom was a big deal for both of them )

Mario said “ well let’s do it then ”.

She took his arm and they proceeded to their first high school prom in taxi cab Green Streak 396 driven by the dependable Moses Cotton.

When they arrived, the music had already started.

Mario and Bahamas Mama made their grand entrance and they were the essence of Hollywood glamour.

Never did Norfolk High School see any thing like this striking couple.

Christina was given a dance card and the boys were lining up to dance with her.

If Mario hadn’t signed the card in several places, he would not have had a dance with his date.

They danced the night away and 19 year old Christina Watson, (Bahama Mama, Norfolk’s most famous Angel of the Night ) was attending her high school prom and she was glowing.

Just then Officer Kelly of the Norfolk police department walked in to the dance to make sure that traffic left the school in an orderly manner.

Bahama Mama glanced over at the policeman and saw that  he was starring at her.

She had been discovered and had to get out of there fast before the officer made a scene.

She gave the young man she was dancing with a hug and kiss on the cheek, grabbed Mario by he arm and pulled him out of the building telling him about the policeman inside.

Moses Cotton, who was waiting outside, drove them back to Christina’s house.

Bahama Mama and Mario had a night cap of hot chocolate then went to bed.

Christina was drifting off to sleep curled up in Mario’s arms having sweet dreams about the most wonderful night of her life.

The next morning Bahama Mama collects the Sunday morning newspaper delivered to her front door.

On the front page of the Life Styles section is a full length picture of Bahama Mama and three high school girls whom Bahama Mama got the prom dresses for.


“ She made it possible for these three girls from Norfolk Hi to have prom dresses so they could attend their Senior prom”. The news paper article further said “ Miss Bahama Mama was also at the prom with her sailor boyfriend, Mario Santini.

The Fleet’s playmate Diva had a full dance card and she was seen dancing, AT CLOSE QUARTERS, with many of the Norfolk Hi senior boys.” 

The last sentence in the newspaper article read…. “IS IT OK TO GIVE A PROSTITUTE A HUMANITARIAN AWARD”  ?

The high school phone was ringing off the hook. Hoards of Evangelical Bible thumpers were picketing Norfolk High School with Jesus Saves and Repent signs. Every holier-than-thou bible belt “do gooder” in the Chesapeake Bay area was freaking out.

The incident had almost caused a race riot in downtown Norfolk.

The teen age boys at the prom thought it was… COOL MAN!

The national news networks, CBS, NBC and ABC got wind of it and the story went international to 90 percent of the countries in the world.

Norfolk, Virginia was put on the map big time.

Norfolk Hi became the most famous high school in the world.

The students who were at the prom were being interviewed by every national and world news group that exist on planet earth.

The boys at the prom who danced with Bahama Mama were becoming teen age celebrities.

The Mustang Ranch of Nevada, the most famous house of ill-repute in the world, sent the nerdy principal of Norfolk Hi, Mr. Goosberry, a free gift certificate for $200.00 of their finest services.

Mrs. Hilda Goosberry, a five foot, 250 pound woman, who looked like she could be a line backer for the Norfolk Hi football team, was not amused.

Hilda, who is also the choir director for the local Evangelical church, demanded Mr. Goosberry tear up the infamous Mustang Ranch gift certificate in front of the whole Evangelical congregation, the timid little nerd, Mr. Goosberry, dutifully complied.

The next morning, when Mr. Goosberry arrived at his office, he wrote a letter to the Nevada Mustang Ranch asking if they would be so kind as to replace the $200.00 gift certificate, the one they sent him had been lost.

Bahama Mama got wind of the Goosberry Mustang Letter.

During the Hi-school spring break Bahama Mama secretly dressed Mr. Goosberry up in a new blue blazer, white pants, red polka dot open neck shirt with cool sun glasses and white hair dyed a youthful dark brown then sent him off to Nevada to collect on his $200.00 gift certificate…at this writing, Mr. Goosberry has not returned.

Bahama Mama became the most famous angel of the night of all time which, ironically, led to a Hollywood acting contract of major significance.

Both P.T. Barnum and Frank Sinatra once said, “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU, AS LONG AS THEY SAY IT”.  



Hank Curci hcurci@hotmail.com




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