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STANFORD UNIVERSITY TRAVEL STUDY: Stanford Is Going To Exciting Places In The World.. By Hank Curci MS Mathematics Stanford..

October 24, 2017




 By Hank Curci MS Mathematics Stanford..



Click On Little Green Lady..

End Transmission


THE OUTER SPACE ROSETTA STONE: The Outer Space Rosetta Stone Computer Has Received a Distress Call From Deep Space Star Cluster NGC5139..

July 17, 2017


Outer Space Rosetta Stone Computer


Hank Curci  writes…the Spacenoodles Outer Space Rosetta Stone Computer has received a distress call from Deep Space Star Cluster NGC5139 located in the Centauri Star Sector.

The distress call has been traveling through Outer Space for 17,000 years reporting that a weaker Binary Star just went Nova scattering planetary debris in to the void of interstellar space.

An entire planet and it’s inhabitants have been destroyed, their biological DNA exploded in to the infinite cosmos, is winging across endless space for all eternity.. 





WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM Six billion years ago  we find the weaker of two binary stars has gone nova in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139, scattering planetary debris in all directions of the Delta Prime sector of this beautiful  star cluster of 3,000,000 stars.

One of the four planets in this binary system is the Little Green Planet home to a race of people who are intelligent plant life and their affectionate name is Little Green People ( LGP). 

Their planet destroyed, they are no more and a whole race of people has just been wiped out, rendered to extinction by cosmic violence…but wait..maybe not. 

Their DNA, winging across the void of interstellar space for millions of years, has now randomly landed on, New Terra, a sister planet some six light years away. 

Some of the debris from this exploding binary star has gone in to orbit about planet New Terra forming a moon. 

This newly formed moon is helping to bring up necessary nutrients, with it’s strong gravitational attraction, from deep in New Terra’s planetary crust. 

The sister planet, New Terra, is just beginning life and only has simple blue green algae evolving. 

But…the blue green algae is of a genus that it is compatible with Little Green People’s DNA and now they have begun to regenerate and in a few million years will have evolved back to about 80% of their original physiological structure. 

Their evolution will continue on… 

We on Planet Earth have no such fail safe planetary system to go to. 

At the end of our star’s life, in about 4.5 billion years, the Earth and all of the planets in our solar system will perish in a fire ball of unimaginable cosmic violence. 

The Sun’s final days of life will result in a dimly lighted small burned out cinder called a white dwarf that will aimlessly drift out in to the void of interstellar space no longer the mighty star that gave us life. 



See Hank Curci’s SCIFI Ebook Thriller: 






Hank Curci: Did Our DNA come from Outer Space…

June 7, 2017

 Planet Earth DNA From Outer Space



End Transmission

Hank Curci Writes…Multiple Big Bangs, Creating Multiple Universes..New Living DNA, New Physical Laws.      

December 23, 2016


Click On Picture To See Hank Curci’s Outer Space Family He Has Created Possibly From Neighboring Universe.





Creating Multiple Universes

At one time SCIFI writers always had a field day creating Parallel Universes.

Neighboring Universes with Green Monsters showing up destroying Mother Earth and all her evolved life including humans.

This notion of multiple big bangs was thought to be an absurd fantasy and there was only one big bang and before it there was nothing….


This is changing.

The current belief is now leaning towards multiple big bangs that will last for many billions of years then slowly begin to contract back in to one small energy packet.

This energy packet then explodes once again creating yet another Big Bang and another Universe where our current big bang is only one of billions of Big Bangs.

This multiple Big Bang process goes on forever each time creating a whole new universe .

Each time a  new universe is created a whole new set of physical laws is also created with it.

Physical Laws of which we in this Universe would have no idea what they are .

For Example, another universe may not have gravity where all matter is stuck together with electromagnetic energy and not gravity.

This all leads to having millions of universes that are all closed systems called bubbles.

Further, it is now thought that these bubbles crash into one another causing devastating destruction and we now think there is evidence showing cosmic scars from crashing universe bubbles.

Click on link to see Hank Curci’s Life he has created that evolved in the great Centauri Star Cluster..some of this life may have come from a neighboring Universe with passage through a local worm hole…





Hank Curci’s Futuristic 70,000 Word SCIFI Thriller: Life After Death In Year 3000AD Is A Tachyon Electromagnetic Energy Chip…Human Being Is Extinct.

October 18, 2016


Human Being Is Extinct..


The human being is extinct replaced by synthetic genetic


Click On Picture To See Hank Curci’s SCIFI Thriller…


New Caesars Cover [568605]



Hank Curci Holding A Masters Degree In Mathematics From Stanford University Is a Noted SCIFI Adventure Author And Former Senior Aerospace Engineer Lending Realism To His SCIFI Ebooks…

Hank extrapolates from what is happening now with the current advent of synthetic genetics and DNA engineering.

We see artificial internal organs being manufactured synthetically to replace worn out natural organs and Hank speculates that eventually the whole body will be synthetic in order to improve and extend life.

STEM CELL RESEARCH, currently being conducted at Stanford University and other centers, will contribute to the synthetic manufacture of human internal organs to save and prolong life.

Finally the only thing that will exist will be an electronic chip capable of duplicating every function that the human brain can do plus considerably more.

The chip will be serviced by an attending Bionuclear Mainframe Computer also of unimaginable complexity.

The attending mainframe computer will transfer life’s experiences at nanosecond speeds to the chip providing a theater of endless travel and communication with life far off in the galaxy.

Tiny nano robots that are traveling throughout the Milky Way Galaxy will send back to the mainframes streams of data on life and wonders of the cosmos that we can only imagine at this date.

There will be no life after death because there wont be any death.. a new challenge for the Vatican et al..









The Milky Way Galaxy Is Nine Billion Years Old, We Should Have Received An Outer Space Message By Now…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

May 31, 2016


Rudimentary Life Abounds Every Where In The Universe, Intelligent Life Such As We Are Will Be Extremely Rare..By Hank Curci SCIFI Author

April 24, 2016


Intelligent Life Such As We Are Will Be Extremely Rare.


 See Little Green Lady’s Outer Space Family Created By Hank Curci. 


Little Green Lady




Looking For Life In The Great Star Clusters…

Skip Hopping From Star To Star To Continue Evolution Of Life..

Star Cluster NGC5139 Has Close Star Formations of three million stars that are two to five light years apart.

This Star Formation offers the best chance for evolved life to skip hop to a New Star’s Solar System that is just beginning life as the old star burns out…

Read More Below…


Little Green Lady From Deep Space Star Cluster.

She and her People Got A Second Chance At Life when their home star exploded destroying all planetary systems including their home planet.

They Now Live On A New Planet Orbiting A Young Yellow Star Just Beginning It’s Eight Billion Year Life…

See Little Green Lady and Her People Plus Hank Curci’s Other Characters He Has Evolved In this Great Star Cluster NGC5139, Click On


Hank Curci explores the beautiful Centauri Globular Star Cluster for extraterrestrial life, NGC5139.

The three million or so stars found in this beautiful deep space star cluster are fairly close together.

Hence, it would be possible for evolving intelligent races to skip hop from a dying star to one who is just beginning an eight billion year life ( the age of our star, the sun ) to continue evolution. 

The concentration of many stars in one place would present more orbiting planets to explore looking for the basic elements of organic life as we know it.

A star cluster of three million stars would probably offer some two  million planets to explore for life.

Unfortunately, the Centauri Globular Star cluster is 17,000 light years away and hence, it would take 34,000 years to send and receive an answer if we sent them a message.



Little Green People’s Spacenoodles Popular Online Store At Barns and Noble.






The Milky Way Galaxy Is Nine Billion Years Old, We Should Have Received An Outer Space Message By Now…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author…

March 12, 2016


Reading An Alien Transmission

The Outer Space Rosetta  Stone computer for interpreting alien messages from outer space, has received a jump in the usual radio frequency noise but did not recognize it as an intelligent message

Interpreting An Alien Message From A Non Human Life Form.

A message we may have already received but did not recognize it as intelligent.

The Milky Way Galaxy is nine billion years old, we should have received a message by now.

We may be receiving messages every day from outer space but have no way of reading them since we don’t recognize it is a coherent communique.

The Milky Way Galaxy is nine billion years old, we should have received a message by now.

Perhaps We Should Closely Review The Outer Space Rosetta Stone Computer Files To See If We Missed An Ailene Transmission..





End Transmission

A 34,000 Year Cosmic Interplanetary Conversation…By Hank Curci..SCIFI Author..

February 25, 2016

A 34,000 Year Cosmic Interplanetary Conversation..

Click On  Little Green Lady To See Her Outer Space Family..



Little Green Lady From Centauri Star Cluster..


We look for life in the Universe and wonder if there is another life looking back at us from some planet somewhere in the great Universe.

We theorize Planet Earth can’t be the only planet in the whole infinite cosmos where life has evolved.

Hank Curci Has Evolved Life In the great Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139.

This beautiful Star Cluster is  17,000 light years away.

If they sent us a message it would take 17,000 years to get here our reply would take 17,000 years for them to receive it, hence a 34,000 year conversation.




Cosmic Clairvoyance From Across The Void Of Interstallar Space…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

February 22, 2016


Clairvoyance From Outer Space..



Spacenoodles Little Green People Are Aware Of Each Other’s Thoughts From Across The Void Of Interstallar Space.

There are two billion pieces of Genetic information that make up the DNA of a Little Green Person. 

There are 173 Planets in a five light year cube where Little Green People have evolved.

There are about 30 billion Little Green people alive at one time on all the 173 planets.

Hence there are about 20 Little Green People alive at one time that have the same identical DNA from Mathematical Probability.

This random probabilistic function puts their physical and mental genetic blueprint at 98% the same. 

These nearly identical Little Green People transmit on the same telepathic frequency.

Hence they can send and receive each other’s messages sent across the vast void of interstellar space.

Their telepathic language is structured similar to the Planet Earth’s Whales and Dolphins squeaks and whistles where these mammals use the sonic properties of water to send their messages..

Little Green People are using the Magnetic Energy Fields to carry their electronic conversations…


Intergalactic Coloring Book..

Click On Sunny Rosetta’s Picture From Outer Space..


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