Grandma’s Hippopotamus.. By Hank Curci, MS Mathematics Stanford University..

Grandma’s Hippopotamus..

By Hank Curci, MS Mathematics Stanford University..

When I was 10 years old and playing baseball with other children in front of my Italian Grandmother’s house on a very hot August western Pennsylvania, day, grandma came out of her house and brought eight 10 year old boys, in to her kitchen, and gave us Koolade and cookies.

My 10 year old friend, Donny Kenedy, wanted my grandmother to say Hippopotamus.. with her Italian accent.. but grandma said she would not say it because we would laugh at her.

With some coaxing she said she would say it but no laughing at me with a smile on her face.

“OK”.. grandma said.. here I go to say it….


and we laughed and she put us out in the street to play more baseball.. with a box of cookies.

My friend Donny wanted her to say LOCOMOTIVE.. but In told him not to push it..


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