The Spacenoodles characters come from the Centauri globular star cluster whose scientific name is NGC5139

The Spacenoodles characters come from the Centauri globular star cluster whose scientific name is NGC5139. This beautiful collection of stars (about 100 light years in diameter) is the largest and brightest cluster in the sky and is about 17,000 light years from planet earth, a light year is 5.88 trillion miles knowing light travels 186,000 miles per second or 7.5 times around the earth in one second, speeds incomprehensible to the human mind.

The Spacenoodles characters live in a region of the cluster where the stars are about 3 to 5 light years apart thus permitting continuous and uninterrupted evolution over a six billion year period of time by skip hopping from a burned out star system to a new one whose life and planets are just beginning.

This rich and productive galactic system has spawned such diverse life forms as chlorophyll based intelligent plant life not to mention the terrifying laser breathing dragon whose antimatter biological structure is based on the element silicone and is primarily fibrous asbestos.

These loveable Spacenoodles characters are considered galactic treasures and are protected by the space age-android inhabitants of planet X, the most scientifically advanced society in the Centauri globular star cluster, some several million years beyond that of planet earth.



From Centauri Globular Star Cluster NGC5139 17,000 Light Years Away..

Little Green People, who are intelligent Plant Life, do not need a rocket ship to travel in Outer Space.

They are  made of Chlorophyll and receive all energy via  Photosynthesis from their home stars, same as plant life on planet Earth, and hence eating has no meaning to them.

They live in orbit about the Centauri Globular Star cluster located 17,000 light years from earth.

Their orbital velocity around this beautiful collection of stars is approximately 5% the speed of light.

Hence, due to Einstein’s relativity discovery the spatial time disparagement makes one of their months equal to one of our years…


Little Green People can fly (up to speeds of 500,000 MPH) between local planets, moons, and asteroids by reversing the magnetic polarity of their bodies.

We Learned as children, playing with magnets, that opposite charged  magnets attract and same magnetically polarized magnets repel ( ie + and – magnets attract and + and + or – and – repel ).

Little Green People can then become positively or negatively charged magnets being attracted to or repelled by planetary systems.

Thus permitting them to fly at great speeds to neighboring planetary systems using the surrounding magnetically energy fields as a propulsion system…

Directional control is maintained by following the intricate webbing of magnetic flux lines similar to the Van Allen Radiation Belts which surround the Earth.

The magnetic energy containment field hydrocarbon molecular chains, which make up little green people’s brains are held in alignment by radiation magnetic flux lines similar to the above Van Allen Radiation Belts found circling our planet Earth.

The strength of these magnetic alignment flux lines must not vary more than +/- 10% or Little Green People will begin to experience disorientation. 

Hence, if Little Green People fly any more than 1/2 light year from their home space, they will begin to experience the above disorientation and appear as if they are drunk – and in some respects they are.



Outer Space Witch. 

And Her Faithful Broomstick Named Sliver..

From Deep Space Star Cluster…NGC5139

I got a bad case of CRS Can’t Remember Squat..

Created By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.



Poka Haunt Us, while traveling at wart speeds, has had 1,823 WWI’s (Witching While Intoxicated) …

But alas, she is not drunk.

She and Sliver are the last of their kind and are not flesh and blood as we are, but are the product of synthetic genetics mixed in a test tube by a computer.

Their race, wanting to preserve life, knew they would evolve away like our dinosaurs here on earth if left in their natural biological state.

Hence they became indestructible androids living for millions of years, provided they returned to their home planet every ten thousand years for normal maintenance.

But then tragedy struck – their home world sun went nova, destroying their planet and they could not return home for maintenance anymore.

In fact, neither Poka Haunt Us or Sliver has had maintenance for half a million years, and as a result have steadily deteriorated into happy-go-lucky and senile pranksters, always in trouble with the Space Patrol.

They will eventually cease to function altogether and probably spend eternity adrift in the vastness of interstellar space, forever together, with fun loving grins frozen on their faces.

For in the final analysis, the universe wins, recycling all life back into stardust. ..


Rasmainian Gobalygook

( Outer Space Ducks )


Rasmainian Gobalygook

Outer Space Ducks

  Rasmaninan Gobalygooks


Rasmainian Gobalygook ( Outer Space Ducks ): Their molecular structure is based on the element silicone and they are made of fibrous asbestos (we are based on carbon and made of protein here on earth).

Every five thousand years, they migrate to their mating grounds which is a white dwarf star situated within a pink nebulae gas cloud whose chemical signature is identical to that of 90 proof gin.

It takes them a hundreds years to sober up and during that time they are found wandering throughout the galaxy with silly grins on their faces.

Rasmainian Gobalygooks come from the Centauri Globular star cluster located about 17,000 light years from Planet Earth, where one light year is 5,880,000,000,000 miles (5.88 trillion miles).

They have been evolving there for some six billion years. Their large eyes are photoelectric cells which convert starlight into energy and hence eating has no meaning to them.

They were at one time far advanced society with intergalactic space travel and the captains of industry in the Centauri Star Cluster.. failing to convert to synthetic genetics evolved away to simple beings similar as Planet Earths Dinosaurs.  






Hank Curci’s has created a lovable computer called HARDWARE who was an ordinary digital computer.

One day a simple programming change, quite by accident, restructured his standard lattice-work of logic and propelled him into the realm of human awareness.

Hardware  now knows the pain of loneliness and the joy of love.

BANG, CRASH, RIVET, WELD he worked to create a partner.

He must satisfy this compelling requirement for togetherness, this urge to communicate and exchange thought and emotion.. all new feelings for him.

Finally his friend was completed and he called her Software.

He nervously switched her on and in the concert of flashing lights and pulsating circuits she came alive and said her first words to him…

Software Lady Computer


They are now locked into loving orbit about the galactic core exchanging blissful telemetry in binary coded transmissions never to be alone again.

For they now know..



Hank Curci..




Laser Breathing Dragons no longer have males or females but are uni-sexual life forms who live only in orbit about the Daron Star System located within the Centauri Globular Star Cluster 17,000 Light Years from Planet Earth.

This beautiful star cluster of about three million stars is the brightest cluster in Earth’s Southern Skies and is thought to be older than our own  Milky Way Galaxy.

Laser Breathing Dragons lay two fertilized eggs that are incubated by the solar wind cosmic chemistry along with local magnetic energy fields.

There are two tri-lithium crystalline fangs protruding downward from the upper jaw which generate their extremely powerful laser beam.

These fangs emit an energy stream that converts free floating hydrogen atoms into anti-matter hydrogen atoms and hence cause a total energy release of high intensity when anti-matter hydrogen atoms collide with  normal hydrogen atoms.

Laser Breathing Dragons are about three times larger than the largest sperm whale found on Planet Earth and they can reduce a small moon to rubble with their powerful anti-matter laser beam.

It is not known how long Laser Breathing Dragons will live since they can regenerate worn out silicon DNA cells and completely replace their entire body every twenty Earth years.

The life forms on Planet Earth are carbon atom based but the Laser Breathing Dragon is silicon atom based.

The outer skin of the Laser Breathing Dragon are solar collectors that convert sun light and heat to electrical energy thus fueling their huge bodies with about 1,000 WATS of electrical energy.

Hence, eating has no meaning to them as with most of the SPACENOODLES PEOPLE.




Stoned Rosetta, who is of the Green People Genus, is always a little bit tipsy.

This is  because she keeps flying through the Rasmaninan Gobalygooks’ mating grounds pink nebulae gas cloud that has a chemical signature of 90 proof gin.



..and on the eighth day..



In Hank Curci’s FREE outer space greeting cards we find LOU SIFFER working for the Galactic underworld located some 17,000 light years from Earth.

Further, he has been given the assignment of getting all the newly born Eves, who live in their respective Garden’s of Eden, on their home worlds, in the CENTAURI GLOBULAR STAR CLUSTER, NGC5139, to eat the Forbidden Apple.

LOU SIFFER will not convince the LITTLE GREEN ,FIRST LADIES to partake of the forbidden fruit for the simple reason they are intelligent plant life, made of CHLOROPHYLL and receive all energy via PHOTOSYNTHESIS from their home stars, same as plant life on planet Earth, and hence eating has no meaning to them.

LOU SIFFER, who wears yellow pokadot Bermuda Shorts, a Red French Beret, Red Sneakers and smokes a Green Cigar is unaware of this and finds himself working with the wrong Adam and Eve script left over from Planet Earth.



Story Synopsis..

An Interstellar Rebirth

For 250 million years her world remained dormant and devoid of all life.

The oceans boiled away and the atmosphere was snuffed out and all protein life on this beautiful blue-green planet was extinguished.

There were no more songs filling the air.

Then one day, deep in the underground recesses of this toxic world, a silicon compound of unknown origin began to move on its own.

A tell-tale wiggle that life had begun in the vast subterranean, silicon mud flats.

This time However, life was based on the element SILICON and not CARBON as we are here on planet Earth. A whole new organic DNA chemistry was emerging.

 It took another 2 billion years of randomly selected evolution for Silicon Sally to finally emerge into what we see today. 




By Hank Curci



Planet X Is The Most Advanced Society In The Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139..

The Orbit Rings you see around this beautiful, Earth like, world are not rocks as in our planet Saturn, but are, in fact, spectacular gleaming cities.

Cities with glamorous fashion houses, beautiful opera and theater halls, vibrant business areas and fabulous condominium living spaces with unparalleled views of their home planet below as well as the cosmos itself.

The buildings seen in orbit about Planet X are living organic structures mixed in a computer controlled chamber.

The chamber holds billions of electrons, protons and neutrons gathered from a nearby nebulae by unmanned robotic spacecraft and can manufacture most atoms found in the first one-third of the chemical periodic table.

These atoms make organic molecules which in turn combine to produce the living, orbiting buildings, which feed on their star’s neutrino stream.

The inhabitants of Planet X no longer live on the now untamed and ecologically restored surface of their world, but live in orbit around it.

But alas, closer inspection shows this space age orbiting metropolis totally devoid of life.

All functions are on automatic and there is no one there, where are all the people of Planet X?



By Hank Curci

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