Star Trek Traveling At Multiple Warp Speeds.. By Hank Curci, MS Math Stanford

Star Trek Traveling At.

Multiple Warp Speeds.

Image result for Star Trek Enterprise. Size: 119 x 100. Source:


Warp Speeds.

The Star Trek TV series that we all love has space ships that can travel faster than the speed of light that is 186,000 miles per second which is around Planet Earth 7.5 times/second speeds unimaginable to human thought.

Hence warp one is one times speed of light or 186,000 miles per second.

Warp 5 is five times the speed of light meaning the space ship is traveling 930,000 MILES PER SECOND..

Yes, snap your fingers and the spaceship has traveled 930,000 miles… once again inconceivable.  

Speculating in reality..

If the space ship ran into a grain of sand at warp 5 the spaceship would probably be completely disinherited to free floating nuclear particles aimlessly wondering in interstellar space. 

There would be nothing left of star ship except useless cosmic debris.

Does Star Trek Have An System To Avoid The Above Disaster?

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