GALACTIC RECYCLING: New Evolution Of Life Expected When Milky Way And Andromeda Galaxies Collide… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author



Crashing Galaxies:

Cosmic Violence Begetting Galactic Recycling..

New DNA Emerging.





The colliding Galaxies will look like this Hubble Telescope view of two spiral galaxies colliding, namely NGC6050 and IC1179

This collision will  pulverize our solar system into outer space debris genetically remixing a whole new DNA …a whole new evolution of life.

The new emerging galaxy as a result of this spectacular collision is called ARP 272 which is 450 million light years from Planet Earth..450 million light years is before the dinosaurs evolved and life was just getting started on Earth..

The Crashing Galaxies have now had 450 million years to become one galaxy

It has been observed that our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy, some two million light years away, are on a collision crash course speeding towards one another at 300,000 mph and are expected to collide in about a few billion years.

This massive collision will change both galaxies forever and probably combined both of their respective black holes in to one giant system of intense gravity devouring all in its path.

The Earth, our Sun and solar system will be absorbed in to this cosmic cataclysmic event ripped apart into outer space debris then recycled/recollected in to new planets and stars.

The carbon based DNA that mother Earth had evolved over billions of years will combined with other planetary DNA from not only our Milky Way Galaxy but from the Andromeda Galaxy as well.

This Galactic Collision will  give  birth to a whole set of new life forms that are carbon based but possibly silicon based genetics as well.



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