Earth like DNA Found In Outer Space…15,800 Light Years Away…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author


DNA Found In Outer Space


Little Green People And Their Outer Space Star Cluster Family Skip Hopping From Star To Star To Continue Evolution Of Life.




Start Of A New Life

Little Green Lady And Her People Got A Second Chance At Life By Skip Hopping To A New Star Whose Life Is Just Beginning.

Star Cluster NGC5139 Has Close Star Formations of three million stars that are two to five light years apart, offering the best chance for evolved life to skip hop to a New Star System that is just beginning life as the old star burns out…

In addition, planetary systems that once contained organic life and were destroyed by their sun going nova will have DNA randomly exploded into interstellar space.

This DNA that has been traveling for millions of years in space will randomly collect into comets and then bombard various planets some with the ability to evolve organic life.

Some believe our own Planet Earth’s DNA came from outer space randomly collected in comets striking the early developing Earth.

Hence we may be the children of a long lost society who lived millions of years ago somewhere in the infinite cosmos.. and the mystery of life continues.. how cool is that..  

Little Green Lady And Her Family From Deep Space Star Cluster Now Live On A New Planet Orbiting a new young star whose life span will be eight billion years.

See Little Green Lady and Her People Plus Hank Curci’s Other Characters He Has Evolved In this Great Star Cluster NGC5139..they are found in Hank Curci’s Outer Space Coloring Books at:

shopLarge II


End Transmission From

Deep Space Star Cluster

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