THE MYSTERIOUS SPEED OF LIGHT: The Star Trek We All Love Could Never Exist.. It Is Our Wonderful And Engaging Fantasy.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author


The Mysterious Speed Of Light..

SCIFI, Our Wonderful And Engaging Fantasy..

By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author




If baby Jim went five times the speed of light, like popular SCIFI movies/TV, for one year he would have come back to Planet Earth some 5,000 years in to the future.

A future in to a land totally different from what he left only one year ago by his time standard…

Hence a Star Trek Academy could never exist because you would never return to point of would be a one time shot in to the future.

There is no known temporal function that would return you back to where you started, if so, then we would have a time machine and could have lunch with Julius Caesar in year 35 BC a 2,000 year trip in to the past.. you would be stuck in the future forever

This Is Not SCIFI It’s Quite Real.

End Story Synopsis


Hank Curci’s Fun Outer Space On Line Store For Children And Parents.

Great Intergalactic Adventure.

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