Hank Curci International Recording Pianist Releases His Scintillating Rendition of FRANKIE AND JONNY BOOGIE With Wailing Soul Sax…KILLER..Check It Out..



1941 Chicago Boogie Woogie In It’s Finest Form..


Click On Dancers To Preview And Buy This Great Boogie Woogie Song For Only 99 Cents.


Hank Invited the great soul Saxophone Player, Napoleon Fuller, to add his wailing and haunting Sax bringing a special Magic to FRANKIE AND JONNIE BOOGIE…This will get you up dancing…

Hank Curci’s FRANKIE AND JONNIE BOOGIE is being played on the World International Radio Networks.

FRANKIE AND JONNIE BOOGIE is sold on 30 download music stores in some 20 countries of which iTunes, MSN Music, Napster and Amazon.com are just a few…  

It’s 1941 Chicago Boogie Woogie In It’s Finest Form.


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