Romantic Comedy.. Can You Give A Notorious Lady Of The Night A Prized Humanity Award For Her Kindness.. By Hank Curci, Ms Math Stanford..

A Prized Humanity Award For Exceptional Kindness.. 


Most Amusing Bible Belt Romantic Comedy..

By Hank Curci, MS Math Stanford..


This beautiful 18 year old African American Lady Of The Night ,of whom the U.S. Navy fleet calls Bahama Momma, buys three indigent hi-school girls, who could not afford to buy their own dresses, senior prom dresses so they could attend their Junior Senior Prom… Bahama Momma also paid for boyfriends to rent white dinner jackets for the prom.

The mayor and city council wanted to give a Humanity Award to this kind and generous person till they found out the generous person was their African American infamous Lady Of The Night.

The Bible Belt city council refusal to give Humanity Award to this “Immoral” person went city wide and then national TV picked upon it.. riots occurred and it was not recommended for evening walks with your family.

After much pressure Bahama Momma was given the Humanity Award and the city council were all voted out in the next election..

The Martin Luthor King marches followed soon afterwards..


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