A New Children’s Outer Space Middle Grade Novel… Now On Amazon’s Kindle.. By Hank Curci And Betsy Olson..

A New Children’s Outer Space Middle Grade Novel With..

Little Green People From Outer Space Visiting Children..

By Hank Curci And Betsy Olson..

Now On Barns And Noble


Story Synopsis..

Little Green People Visit Children..

What Would You Do If Outer Space Characters Came To Visit Your Children At Midnight And Took Them For A Space Ship Ride To The Moon And Back.

The Parents both respected PhD Outer Space scientist thought their ten year old twin boys had a very impressive imagination..

Telling about flying to moon with Spacenoodles outer space green People and Laser Breathing Dragon..

All from the Centauri Star Cluster 17,000 light years away..

The Parents still amused by their children’s vivid imagination until mother gets phone call from University Astronomical Professor..

Telling her the fun moon rocks she gave them to analyze are in fact real rocks from the moon and wanted to know where she got them..

Mother now in a state of shock could not possibly tell the professor she got the moon rocks from her children..

Click On eBook Cover For Fun Synopsis..


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