PART III; THE T-REX OF OUTER SPACE: The Terrifying Laser Breathing Dragon, Has Become Intergalactic Coloring Book Favorite… Created By Hank Curci, Senior Aero Space Engineer.


Laser Breathing Dragon..

From Intergalactic Star Cluster.

17000 Light Years Away..

The T-REX Of Outer Space 

Created By Hank Curci,

Senior Aero Space Engineer.




Who are galactic nomads, have evolved into unisexual life forms and no longer have male and female dragons.

They lay two fertilized eggs which are put into orbit about the galactic core.

The eggs are incubated by the surrounding magnetic energy field and its associated, cosmic chemistry.

Their extremely powerful laser beam is generated by the two TRILITHIUM crystalline fangs protruding downward from the upper jaw.

These fangs emit an energy stream which can convert free-floating hydrogen atoms into ANTIMATTER hydrogen atoms and hence cause a total energy release of high intensity when the ANTIMATTER hydrogen atoms collide with the normal hydrogen atoms.

LASER BREATHING DRAGONS’ DNA is silicone based and are made mostly of fibrous asbestos. Our molecular structure, on earth, is based on carbon and we are made of protein.


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End Transmission

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