Lovable Android Space Witch Returns Home For Maintenance.. Finds Home Planet Destroyed.. Created By Hank Curci.. Senior Aerospace Engineer..


I Got A Bad Case Of CRS..

Can’t Remember Squat..


Lovable Spacenoodles Outer Space Witch.

She Rides Her Faithful Broom Stick, Named Sliver, Like A Surfboard Amongst The Twinkling Stars.

Poka Haunt Us, while traveling at wart speeds, has had 1,823 WWI’s (Witching While Intoxicated) .

But alas, she is not drunk.

She and Sliver are the last of their kind and are not flesh and blood as we are, but are the product of synthetic genetics mixed in a test tube by a computer.

Their race, wanting to preserve life, knew they would evolve away like our dinosaurs here on earth if left in their natural biological state.

Hence they became indestructible androids living for millions of years, provided they returned to their home planet every ten thousand years for normal maintenance.

But then tragedy struck – their home world sun went nova, destroying their planet and hence, they could no longer return home for maintenance .

In fact, neither Poka Haunt Us nor Sliver has had maintenance for half a million years, and as a result have steadily deteriorated into happy-go-lucky and senile pranksters, always in trouble with the Star Cluster Space Patrol.

They will eventually cease to function altogether and probably spend eternity adrift in the vastness of interstellar space, forever together, with fun-loving grins frozen on their faces.

For in the final analysis, the universe wins, recycling all life back into star dust.



Fun Spacenoodles Outer Space Online Store..

End Transmission


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