Our Star, The Sun.. An Amazing Wonder Of The Universe, Via Cosmic Violence, Brings Life To Planet Earth.. By Hank Curci.. Senior Aerospace Engineer..  

Our Star, The Sun.. An Amazing Wonder Of The Universe..



OurSun An Amazing Wonder Of The Universe..

By Hank Curci,

Senior Aerospace Engineer..



An Amazing Star Of The Universe

In measuring the mass of the sun, current mathematical computations shows that the sun should have burned out billions of years ago if it were simply burning hydrogen gas. 

But that is not what is happening… 

The above nuclear fusion of hydrogen in to the element helium via Einstein’s E=MC2 (C squared) equation is creating all the heat and energy supplied to Planet Earth for an astounding eight billion years.

The Sun is generating this conversion at the rate of converting 600 million tons of hydrogen in to helium per second for eight billion years…an amazing wonder of the Universe.  

Our Star, the Sun will burn it self out and some day in about four billion more years there will be no more…

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