Hank Curci Writes, No Free Lunch On Planet Earth Or Outer Space…EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE.

The Electronic Jungle…



The  Electronic  Jungle…

Self Induced Extinction..



Electronic  Jungle..



In the year 3000AD, Hank Curci writes that all corporeal life forms, like human beings, will have received artificial internal organs ,via gene splice synthetic genetics, to extend life….

A synthetic life that has extinguished the natural human being via SELF INDUCED EXTINCTION. 




The entire human genome is mapped and all life is reduced to an incredibly complex Electromagnetic Chip


This Electromagnetic Chip, about the size of a human thumbnail, is generating a mind far advanced than the human brain’s capacity. 

These chips are serviced by an attending mainframe computer also of great complexity and up till now the mainframes have obediently catered to the chips every wish and whim.

 To escape the jungle of terrible wars and carnage on the surface of their home…

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