When Our Sun Dies A lifeless Planet Earth Will Be Recycled Back In To Interstellar Oblivion…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author


Some Day A Final Sunset For Planet Earth

OUR STAR THE SUN will burn brightly for eight billion years converting HYDROGEN ATOMS IN TO HELIUM ATOMS but Some Day This Mighty Star of the heavens will burn it’s self out and a lifeless Planet Earth will be Recycled back in to Interstellar Oblivion…

In the beginning, some four and a half billion years ago, our star, the sun started collecting, via gravity, space debris,  dust, rocks, and broken asteroids to finally explode into a nuclear furnes and become our life giving energy system.

The giant Planet Jupiter almost became our second sun but it never did collect enough hydrogen gas and space debris to fire off it’s nuclear core and hence remained a planet of mostly hydrogen gas.

Lucky for us, two suns in the sky may have generated excessive solar radiation thus hindering the start of life on Planet Earth and/or evolution of any life that did occur…

In any event, our mighty existing star, the sun, will die some day and our beautiful little blue green planet will die along with it becoming a burned out cinder wondering off to be recycled.. back in to interstellar oblivion….




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