Unimaginable Cosmic Violence When Our Sun Dies…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

Unimaginable Cosmic Violence When Our Sun Dies..


We on Planet Earth have no fail safe planetary system to go to when our Sun Dies in about four billion years.

We will perish in unimaginable Cosmic Violence.



The Sun Will Expand Out Past Earth’s Orbit Evaporating The Oceans And Incinerating Our Beautiful Garden Home To A Black Burned Out Cinder.

All Life Will Perish, There Will Be No More Songs From Blue Green Mother Earth.

However, Life That Evolves In the Galaxy’s Great Star Cluster Like NGC5139 Will Have A Back Up Solar System To Fly To Because The Stars Are Two To Five Light Years Apart Thus Permitting Skip Hopping To A New Star’s Solar System Whose Life Is Just Beginning.

Hank Curci’s Life He Has Evolved In Star Cluster NGC5139…

They Are Saying..


In Star Cluster NGC5139..

This Life Found A New Solar System To Continue Evolution Of Their Species.


At the end of our star’s life, in about 4.5 billion years, the Earth and all of the planets in our solar system will perish in a fire ball of unimaginable cosmic violence.

Click On Exploding Star’s Picture For Wickipedia Explanation..



The Sun’s final days of life will result in a dimly lighted small burned out cinder called a white dwarf that will aimlessly drift out in to the void of interstellar space no longer the mighty star that gave us life.



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