Computers Evolving An Intellectual Awareness Beyond That Of A Human Being … Circa 3000AD..By Hank Curci SCIFI Author.

Artificial Intelligence Computers Evolving Forecast


Some Computers Are Friendly And Some Are Not.



Artificial Intelligence Computer Forecast

Computer experts of artificial intelligence had been forecasting it was a matter of time before a standard digital computer evolved a human like personality on its own same as the human brain evolved over millions of years.


The electronic lattice work inside the computer became so intricate it began to resemble the complications of the human brain with the many convoluted twist and turns. 

Hence one day a simple programming change caused a standard digital computer to move in to realm of human awareness and to no longer respond to human command but informed the human it was making its own decisions.

Some computers were friendly and some were not with warlike personalities and hence a most devastating war of the future ravaged planet Earth  prompting the synthetic life forms that, replaced the human being, to build all…

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