Orbit City’s Synthetic Life Forms.. In Hank Curci’s SCIFI eBook ROMAN HONEYMOON,CIRCA 3000AD…

Orbit City’s Synthetic Beings


In Hank Curci’s Barns and Noble SCIFI eBook Story..


Roman Honeymoon new cover

Story Synopsis..

Orbit City’s Synthetic Beings

Hank Curci has a 23 year old, 79AD, Ancient Roman honeymooning couple sent to the year 3000AD by time machine malfunction.. 3,000 years in their future..

These are the first human beings that has ever been seen by Orbit City’s synthetic beings in over 700 years.. 

Orbit City’s Synthetic Beings save the lives of the humans from damaging and destructive sun’s powerful solar wind. 

The young Roman couple teaches them to be human and they design an electronic chip which puts back the individual identity.

The WHO AM I is now part of their makeup and they go on to become a great intellectual and artistic society with music, art, and literary contributions not only to them selves but to the galactic community at large…



End Transmission 

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