A home star went nova destroying planet Beta Centauri In Star Cluster NGC5139.. Created By Hank Curci.. SCIFI Author

Outer Space Life evolving..



A home star went nova destroying planet Beta Centauri.


For 250 million years her world remained dormant and devoid of all life.

The oceans boiled away and the atmosphere was snuffed out and all protein life on this beautiful blue-green planet was extinguished.

There were no more songs filling the air.

Then one day, deep in the underground recesses of this toxic world, a silicon compound of unknown origin began to move on its own.

A tell-tale wiggle that life had begun in the vast subterranean, silicon mud flats.

This time However, life was based on the element Silicon and not Carbon as we are here on planet Earth.

Note: The element Carbon and the element Silicon are right next to one another on the chemistry periodical table both exhibiting a valence of four… silicon life has been argued that it could not evolve life…

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