WHAT IS AN INTERGALACTIC SPACE DUCK?? Created By Hank Curci MS Math Stanford.


 Intergalactic Outer Space Cosmic Ducks

Rasmainian Gobalygook

( Scientific Designation )

  Rasmaninan Gobalygooks


Rasmainian Gobalygook ( Outer Space Ducks ): Their molecular structure is based on the element silicone and they are made of fibrous asbestos (we are based on carbon and made of protein here on earth).

Every five thousand years, they migrate to their mating grounds which is a white dwarf star situated within a pink nebulae gas cloud whose chemical signature is identical to that of 90 proof gin.

It takes them a hundreds years to sober up and during that time they are found wandering throughout the galaxy with silly grins on their faces.

Rasmainian Gobalygooks come from the Centauri Globular star cluster located about 17,000 light years from Planet Earth, where one light year is 5,880,000,000,000 miles (5.88 trillion miles).

They have been evolving there for some six billion years. Their large eyes are photoelectric cells which convert starlight into energy and hence eating has no meaning to them.

They were at one time far advanced society with intergalactic space travel and the captains of industry in the Centauri Star Cluster..

They failed to convert to synthetic genetics thus evolving away to simple beings.. evolved away same as Planet Earths Dinosaurs.



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