Retire Comfortably On Social Security By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

Retire Comfortably On Social Security:


Retire Comfortably On Social Security:

The kids are gone and you are rattling around in a big house sitting there by yourself doing all the things you have to pay for with house ownership etc..

Well check out the following Social Security living and see if that is for you..

You can have a one bedroom apartment for $575.00 to 650.00/month which includes ALL utilities i.e. light, heat, garbage and water.. etc. in a very nice building with a great view and a professional exercise room with latest equipment , conference room and a comfortable sitting library housing several hundred books of varied interest.

There are lots of in house activities for both men and women scheduled daily with trips to many local places …you will make friends and not be alone.

You will have enough money to buy food, go to movies, plays, concerts and have a ZIPCAR account to…

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