The Reason We Forgot Your Birthday Is: .. Created By Hank Curci.. SCIFI Author..

Hank Curci Says “The Reason We Forgot Your Birthday Is”…


I Got Bad Case OfCRS,

Can’t Remember Squat..



 Forgot Birthday..

Poka Haunt-Us and her loyal broom stick Sliver are the last of their kind.

They are not flesh and blood as we are but are the product of synthetic genetics mixed in a test tube by a computer.

They were indestructible androids living for thousands of years provided they returned home to their home planet every ten thousand years for maintenance.

But tragedy struck.

Their home world sun went nova destroying their planet.

Hence they could no longer return home to have regularly scheduled maintenance on their genetically engineered bodies.

Neither “Poka Haunt Us” or Sliver have had maintenance for over 50,000 years.

They now have mentally deteriorated in to happy-go-lucky pranksters always in trouble with the Centauri Star Cluster space patrol.

“Poka Haunt Us” and Sliver have had 1823 WWI’S, “Witching While Intoxicated”

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