The Universe Makes An Apple Pie.. Created By Hank Curci MS Math.. Stanford..


Inventing The Universe


Supernova Explosions From Giant Stars Found In The Great Universe Has Manufactured The Required Atoms To Make An Apple Pie Shown In Following Chemical Periodical table..

The most basic atom/element found in the great Universe is Hydrogen consisting of one electron and one proton.

Every thing else is a function of major giant stars going super nova and squeezing Hydrogen atoms together.

For example, two Hydrogen atoms squeezed together by our sun is Helium.

Eight Hydrogen atoms squeezed together is oxygen and gold is 79 Hydrogen atoms squeezed together etc.. shown by the following chemical periodical table Under Atomic Weight.

Note: Two Hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom makes a water molecule ..

Giant Star Going Super Nova Making your body parts.

i.e. Amino acids, and Proteins



Click On Apple Pie Recipe:


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