Space/Time Continuum: Living In The Wrong Time Line…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

Ancient Roman Pantheon


Space/Time Continuum:

Living In The Wrong Time Line.


   By Traveling To Ancient Rome In A Time Machine.. Year 79AD

John Moore’s Greatest Concerns were disturbing the 79AD time line…

Disturbing The Timeline With 20th Century Influences.

  John  Moore is about to help an Ancient Roman man, Glaucus, win a Prestige’s Chariot Race With Jaguar Sports Car that he probably would have not have won.

   With his prize chariot horses poisoned by Darius, there would have been very little chance of Glaucus winning.

   Meaning the winner of the chariot race, probably Darius, would have married Ruth and their offspring would go on to have their offspring and so on.

   By preventing these children of Darius and Ruth to even exist, John has now changed the time line meaning some things that actually happened in his history has now been removed.

   John Moore is now dealing with the time line paradox..

John Moore has a book in his 20th century library written by an author that never existed..


Hank Curci’s Online Store On Barnes and Noble..


End Transmission

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