Hank Curci Writes: Nuclear Particle Exceeds Speed Of Light…London’s Orbiting Interstellar University…Circa 2350AD

Orbiting Interstellar University…
Circa 2350AD


Orbiting Interstellar University…

Circa 2350AD



Story Synopsis   

In Year 2350AD London’s Orbiting Interstellar University Discovers A Nuclear Particle Called A Tachyon That Has Exceeded The Speed Of Light.

Particle Is Made Of Synthetic Energy And So Are The People.

It was for the most part concluded that natural energy that we see every day from our sun can’t go faster than light.

In the year 2350AD, Synthetic energy was discovered in London’s Orbiting Interstellar University.

The people attending this high in the sky University are Synthetic, there are no more Human Beings on Planet Earth.

Later, in another 100 years around 2500AD there will be no more Universities because all the known information ever discovered will be programmed in to each synthetic life form.

However what will be lost is the human spirit of Love, Hate, Ambition, Creativity..etc

What will be gained is life for hundreds of years…

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