Futuristic Thriller: The Place Is Planet Earth, The Year Is 3000AD, All Cities Are In Orbit, The Human Being Is Extinct…By SCIFI Author, Hank Curci

Time Machine Thriller To The Future..


Futuristic Thriller:



Time Machine Thriller To The Future..

This Futuristic Thriller follows two young ancient Roman newlyweds From Rome 79AD.

Their honeymoon trip unexpectedly lands them three thousand years into their future via a time machinemalfunction.

They Find the human being extinct due to synthetic genetics.

All cities are now in orbit about Planet Earth.

The Young Honeymooning ancient Roman couple ( 79 AD Rome ) find  them selves now in beautiful Orbit City watching Planet Earth spinning below them.. they are now three thousands years in to their future..

The young Roman Couple did not know the earth was round.

NOTE:This is not exactly SCIFI.

Einstein’s Time Disparagement Function can and will carry you to the future.

Whenever we learn how to travel faster than speed of light..

Which Is just a matter of time…

However it is a one way trip..

There is no…

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