Speed Of Light Goes Around World 7.5 Times In One Second…One Click Of The Mouse…It Can Also Take You To The Future..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

The Time Disparagement Function.


The Time Disparagement Function.

At this writing we can’t travel faster than the speed of light.. i.e. “Star Trek Warp Drive”.

This author believes it is just a matter of time when light speed will be achieved.

What does this mean..

It means Albert Einstein’s Time Disparagement Function ( The faster you go, the slower you will age. ) will take you to the future..

Going at the speed of light for one year will bring you back to planet earth 50 years later…

You however will be one year older… Your twin brother born on the same day as you will be 50 years older than you.

It sounds like SCIFI but it is not.. it is quite real..

Criminals escaping in to the future…temporal police to guard the Time Disparagement Function..

Traveling at light speed will give us a new way of life..

A way of life not…

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