Bio For Hank Curci.. SCIFI Author, Aerospace Engineer, MS Math Stanford.

Bio For Hank Curci:

Author Hank Curci is a Senior Aerospace Engineer and a Concert Pianist ( ask for Hank Curci) with a Master’s Degree in mathematics from Stanford University.. a private pilot with 500 hours VFR in a Cessna 172 and summer time sailing in Seattle…

Hank Curci writes engineering software design manuals for the aerospace industry all published internally to the company’s proprietary library.

Hank Curci is the creator of his own Outer Space Greeting Card Company called Spacenoodles with outer space characters he has created at with free outer space greeting cards at

NOTE:  Hank Curci’s signs his greeting cards Enrico, his pen name.

Hank Curci writes a daily Outer Space Blog .. on, receiving world wide response.

Hank Curci’s Online, Outer Space Store, at

End Hank Curci Bio




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