IT IS FUTURESTIC YEAR.. CIRCA 3000AD, PLANET EARTH: Earth’s Protective Magnetic Energy Field Is Evolving…Will The Human Being Survive It.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.


Earth’s Protective Magnetic Energy Field Is Evolving..

Will The Human Being Survive It..

Will Synthetic Genetics Make Earth’s Life Forms Immune To Damaging Solar Radiation?



Story Synopsis 

Earth’s Protective Magnetic Energy..


In daily outer space post by popular SCIFI author Hank Curci, Hank discusses the sun’s damaging solar wind passing through the Earth’s protective magnetic field.

So far the Earth is winning.

Mars did not win and all life-giving atmosphere has been stripped away and hence, life did not evolve.

If we find a planet orbiting a star and it is the same size as Earth and the right distance away from it’s star it still may not be a candidate for life to begin and evolve.

Their star will be bombarding the planet with it’s solar wind.

If the planet does not have a sufficient magnetic energy field to ward off the damaging solar radiation then life as we know if would not evolve.

The planet must also have water, a large moon like ours to help grow plant  animal life and a giant planet like Jupiter near by to ward off space debris bombarding the orbiting planet.

End Story Synopsis 


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