Space/Time Continuum Disparagement Function: A Beautiful  Ancient Roman Barbarian Slave Girl, From 79AD Rome, Transported To Modern Day San Francisco Via Time Machine

Space/Time Continuum Disparagement Function:

Ancient Rome, Circa 79AD, In Modern Day San Francisco.. 

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Space/Time Continuum Disparagement Function..

A beautiful 79 AD Roman Germanic Barbarian Slave Girl by the name of Marianus is transported to 1963AD San Francisco via time machine DNA scrambling under Space/Time Continuum Functionality Rules ( The Faster You Go The Slower You Will Age ) by the inventor of the time machine, John Moore.

John takes Marianus to modern day Germany to find the spot where she lived some 2,000 years ago as the daughter of a Germanic Barbarian Warrior.

The trip was very emotional for Marianus and she finds her jade necklace that she buried there 2,000 yeas ago when a Roman Garrison raided her camp and enslaved her and her family.

John Moore and Marianus marry, have children and grandchildren and then Marianus dies of Leukemia, ( caused by the time machine’s scrambling of her DNA when transporting her to modern day San Francisco from 79AD Rome. )

Marianus dies in the arms of her husband, John Moore.

Thus closing the end of an era, an era which had ancient Rome producing children in modern times.

A most unique Human Being since the DNA of a 2,000 year old Germanic Barbarian Woman was slightly different than a modern Human Woman.

They were exceptional athletes and college graduate scholars.


End Transmission

Time Warp…Circa Rome 79AD

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