TO LIVE AGAIN PART PART II: Your DNA Has Been Duplicated.. You are alive somewhere in infinity of intergalactic space. By Hank Curci MS Math, Stanford University..



To Live Again..

The only thing that makes sense is that your DNA has/is being duplicated millions of times over via random probability in the infinite cosmos..

You are alive somewhere in the infinity of intergalactic space.


Your DNA is a very complicated number and took millions of combinations and permutations to build it to give you life here on Planet Earth.

But still your DNA is a number and numbers can be duplicated via random probability  mixing transactions. 

There are trillions of planets orbiting billions of stars from millions of galaxies and the random probably that your DNA will be duplicated is quite possible.

You are not aware of your twin DNA life form because it is an independent event..

Little Green People

Green People who evolved in the great Centauri Star Cluster 17,000 light years away are aware of there twin DNA life form because they have a planet near by with Little Green People’s duplicate DNA emanating on the same galactic frequency and they can communicate.

We on Planet Earth have no planetary twin DNA life form communicating with us since we and Planet Earth are alone.

Click on Little Green Lady to see her evolved star cluster family..


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