Interstellar Bio-Nuclear Life Forms

Created By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer..


Among the many Star Cluster Life Forms That Hank Curci Has Created, The Little Green People Are Featured Below..

LITTLE GREEN PEOPLE ( LGP ) do not need a rocket ship to travel in Outer Space They Fly using the surrounding magnetic field. 

LITTLE GREEN PEOPLE are intelligent plant life, made of chlorophyll, and live in orbit about the Centauri Globular Star cluster located 17,000 light years from Earth.

Their orbital velocity around this beautiful collection of stars is approximately 10% the speed of light and hence, due to Einstein’s relativity discovery the spatial time disparagement makes one of their months equal to one of our years.

Click On Little Green Lady To Read More..

Little Green Lady


Interstellar Bio-Nuclear Life Forms In Spacenoodles Intergalactic Coloring Books.


End Transmission

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