NTERGALACTIC INFINITY.. Hubble Telescope: Our Wonderfully Vast And Seemly Endless Universe Reduces Our Mighty Milky Way Galaxy To A Meer Point Of Light.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

Galactic Start Cluster’s Little Green Lady..



This Hubble Telescope Picture Shows A Galaxy Cluster…

Each Point Of Light Is A Galaxy Like Our Own Milky Way Galaxy. 

See the source image

Hubble’s Abell 1689, A Galaxy Cluster.




In an image that meshes both visible and infrared data, the Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys, or A.C.S., showed Abell 1689, a galaxy cluster, in more striking detail than in previous observations.

The picture has a combined exposure time of more than 34 hours.

Glowing golden clumps, bright stars and distant spiral galaxies are all visible.

And the streaks circling the fuzzy galaxies in the center are telltale signs of gravitational lensing, a cosmic phenomenon.


End Synopsis

Hank Curci’s Outer Space SCIFI Online Store..

A Galactic Adventure For Parents And Children..


Credits – The New York Times & NASA




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