A Little Green Lady Was Found In Outer Space With Earth Like DNA…Location Is Star Cluster NGC5139..Created By Hank Curci SCIFI Author..


An Alien Life Form Was Found In Outer Space With Earth Like DNA

Location Is Star Cluster NGC5139..17,000 light years away..

Created By Hank Curci SCIFI Author..


NOTE: It should be noted that this exciting information is 17,000 years old because the planetary system where Alien Life Form was found is 17,000 light years away situated in the great globular star cluster NGC5139…

17,000 Years Ago The ancient civillations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome had not been created and the Neanderthals were just dying out.


The Rosetta Stone Alien Search Bio-Nuclear Computer Made This Exciting Discovery.

Location Is Star Cluster NGC5139…17,000 Light Years From Planet Earth..

A Second Transmission Revealed Other Life Forms Evolving In A Ten Light Year Block Of Interstellar Space..


Click On Little Green Lady To See Her Outer Space Family Evolving In The Great Milky Way Centauri Star Cluster Containing Some Three Million Stars…

Little Green Lady



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