Hank Curci Writes: DNA Regeneration After Death Somewhere In The Infinite Cosmos.

DNA Regeneration After Death..


Are You Alive Now, As We Speak, Somewhere In The Infinite Cosmos.

It’s Not SCIFI, Or Religion, It’s Mathematics..


Story Synopsis

Hank Curci speculates that your genetic template is unique to you but has a chance of happening again via mathematical random probability.

He reasons that the number of genes that has to mix just right to regenerate your DNA is quite large… in the hundreds of millions of combinations and permutations to make a you.

But there are trillions of stars in billions of galaxies many of which have planets in orbit about them and hence the probability that you will be RANDOMLY mixed again is a  possibility.

You may or may not be human.. most likely not.

Hence by the above theory, we are all alive now, as we speak, somewhere in the infinite cosmos.

Maybe some day you will get a Telepathic DE-JA-VU Message from your genetic likeness .

A message that has been traveling through the void of interstellar space for millions of years.



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