Synthetic Genetics Rendering The Human Being Extinct By Year 2150AD… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

Self Induced Extinction
Via Advent Of Synthetic Genetics


The Human Being Is Extinct.



Self Induced Extinction

Via Advent Of Synthetic Genetics 

As human internal organs are replaced by artificial ones via the advent of synthetic genetics human life will be extended and sickness and deformities will be greatly curtailed.

No one is going to want the natural organs we are all born with i.e. heart, kidneys, general cardio vascular systems if the synthetics ones work better.

Hence the human being will gradually be replaced by artificial body parts and human extinction will occur via self induced extinction within the next 150 years or possibly even sooner. 

Further, Hank Curci Sees this synthetic genetics gene splice engineering continuing until the only thing left of the extinct Human Being is an electronic chip the size of your thumbnail being serviced by an attending computer mainframe.

This chip is more powerful than the natural human brain and can generate multiple…

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