A SWEETHEART FORM THE PAST: What is the probably of finding your old college girlfriend after over a 1/2 century quite by accident..flip of the coin crap shoot. By Hank Curci, SCIF






I had no idea what this was and I almost deleted it..

The email she wrote said:

Is this Hank Curci who took me to an FSU ( Florida State University ) homecoming dance in 1956 and she posted this attachment :


She said her husband had passed away and she was just curious if I were still around.

I finally figured out who she was and I answered her email and offered my condolences on the death of her husband.

We started writing to each other when I discovered that my emails to her were emotionally therapeutic and it was helping her out of the doldrums one faces after the death of a family member.

We continued to write via email for three months and finally we decided it was time to meet..

I suggested Las Vegas..we had separate rooms.

When I knocked on her door to…

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