Stanford University Response To Sexual Violence on Campus.. By Hank Curci..MS Mathematics Stanford University..

Stanford University Response To Sexual Violence on Campus..

Stanford is one of 33 universities participating in a survey on sexual violence on campus administered by Westat, a social science research firm contracted by the Association of American Universities. After the university used a survey designed by another group in 2015, input from the campus community led an advisory committee to unanimously recommend that Stanford join the AAU survey group this year. In her April 9 letter inviting students to take the survey, Provost Persis Drell said that participation by all undergrad and graduate students is crucial in order for the university to get the most accurate picture possible of student experiences with prohibited conduct at Stanford as well as student perceptions of how the university responds to reports of sexual violence.

“Sexual violence has absolutely no place in the Stanford community,” Drell told Stanford Report. “We are committed to strengthening our efforts to prevent and respond effectively to sexual violence and to supporting members of our community who are affected by it. This survey is an important part of our ongoing work to eradicate sexual violence and sexual harassment from our community.” Results of the survey will be released by Westat this fall.


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