Hank Curci’s Futuristic Space/Time Continuum Barnes and Noble Ebook Thriller… People Are Now Synthetic Bio-Nuclear Life Forms…Circa 3000AD

Futuristic Barnes and Noble Ebook Thriller, Circa 3000AD.


Space/Time Continuum

John Moore ( who went to ancient Rome in a time machine year 79AD ) is persuaded into taking a newly married, 23-year-old, 79 AD, ancient Roman couple back to modern-day San Francisco, 1963, in the time machine, for the mother of all honeymoons with intent of sending them back to 79 AD Rome in two weeks. 

The time machine malfunctions and sends the young, 23-year-old Roman newly weds, Glaucus and Ruth, into the year 3000 AD.  

“Roman Honeymoon, Circa 3000AD” is then about what happens to Glaucus and Ruth in the year 3000 AD, three thousand years in to their future.

They find all cities are in orbit around Planet Earth, the human being is extinct and People Are Now Synthetic Bio-Nuclear Life Forms.


Click On EBook Cover.. Read Thrilling Captivating Synopsis.. 


End Transmission From

Space/time Continuum

Circa 3000AD

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