Hank Curci, MS Mathematics Stanford University, Derives Einstein’s Energy Equation ( E=MC2.. .C squared ) Using High School Algebra Only

Hank Curci, MS Mathematics Stanford University, Derives Einstein’s Energy Equation ( E=MC2.. .C squared  ) Using High School Algebra Only





The algebraic derivation of Einstein’s Energy Equation of E = MC2 for an electron traveling close to the speed of light is as follows:


The classical energy equation can be written as:


1)         ENERGY = FORCE x TIME x SPEED                E                F           T           S                                             OR    E = FTS


            Further, FORCE (F) can be written as:                   F = SPEED x RATE  or  F = SR                             S           R



                   R = MASS(M)  or  R = M                          TIME(T)                T


             Substituting M for RATE(R)                                T             In F = SR we have:


                  F = S M     and     From (1) above, E = FTS becomes:


2)          E = S M     x     TS                                        FORCE        DISTANCE



            Hence the T(TIME) cancels out in            (2) Above and   E =   M      x      S      x      S                                       MASS      SPEED     SPEED





3)            E = MSS (ENERGY = MASS . SPEED . SPEED) If an electron is moving nearly the speed of light, its speed can hardly change and hence, speed[S] is now equal to [C](speed of light).


At this point, only the mass can increase with added energy. In conclusion:


              We have S = C from above and              hence, E = MSS from (3), becomes:

                     E = MCC      OR     E = MC2


Meaning, since C (the speed of light) is a very large number (186,000 miles per second), a very small amount of mass represents a very large amount of energy, i.e., if all the energy from a bucket of sand could be extracted, it would supply all the power required to run the city of New York for several days.

Some of the little green people who are intelligent plant life, made of chlorophyll, and receive their energy via photosynthesis, come from the Centauri Globular Star Cluster (about 100 light years in diameter).


They no longer live on the surface of their home planet, but have evolved into a life form which places them in orbit around this beautiful collection of stars at nearly 20% the speed of light.


This phenomena is due to millions of years of slingshot/crack-the-whip accelerations induced by the multiple gravitational forces pulling on them from the surrounding planetoids and stars.


These little green people are experiencing Einsteinian spatial time disparagement and hence, one of their days is equal to several months for those

little green people living on their respective home worlds.


For example:  If twin boys named Jim and Jo, both 1-day old, were separated and Jim was placed in a rocket ship and sent speeding into space at nearly the speed of light for one year, he would be one year old when he returned back to Earth.


His twin brother, Jo, would be 74 years old. It is great fun to immerse ourselves in the scientific fantasy of whizzing off into outer space at many times the speed of light, visiting exotic worlds and the like.


Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, it is a fantasy simply because, as Albert Einstein and others have shown, objects cannot travel faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) because as an object goes faster and faster, its mass increases; and as the object approaches the speed of light, its mass becomes infinite, thus requiring an infinite force to accelerate an infinite mass.


light and cannot be changed to go faster. If so, we could send messaging telemetry to other parts of the galaxy in days rather than thousands of years, and see if there really are little green people out there.

 So far, however, we have not found the elusive TACHYON.


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