MIRACLE OF LIFE: An Outer Space Poem: I Rejoice In Knowing I Got To See The Universe..HOW COOL IS THAT!! By Hank Curci SCIFI Author

MIRACLE OF LIFE: An Outer Space Poem:






Some Final Day We Shall Fly Away And Be Recycled Back In To Interstellar Oblivion.

Waiting For The Great Cosmos To Regenerate Our DNA via Mathematical Probability.

Hence I will once again be alive from random mixing of genetic cosmic lottery.

Alive in some far off galaxy marveling at the wonderful Interstellar Displays as I once did in this life.

Displays Bringing forth life from every sector of the Great Cosmos.

In The Meantime I teach my children about the great Universe that gave them life.

End Story Synopsis


Life found in Hank Curci’s Spacenoodles Outer Space Star Cluster, 17,000 Light Years Away:

Click On Picture Of

Little Green Lady.

Little Green Lady


Hank Curci’s Fun Spacenoodles Outer Space Online Store:


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