AMAZON’S KINDLE Fun Bible Belt Romantic Comedy Short Story eBook…Mr. Goosberry Goes To Vegas… By Hank Curci SCIFI Author..


Fun Bible Belt Romantic Comedy Short Story eBook…

Notorious Lady Of The Night Sends Nerdy Bible Belt Hi School Principal Mr. Goosberry To Vegas..


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Romantic Comedy

Notorious And Beautiful Angel Of The Night Secretly Goes to Evangelical High School Prom And Gets Caught…Hilarious.



It was early June and the last high school athletic event of the school year was a city wide track and field meet held at Norfolk Hi. It was a big deal and all the major high schools were there competing.

Mario and Christina (Bahama Mamma) were there also rooting for Norfolk Hi.

During one of the athletic breaks, Christina  (Bahamas Mama) was in the girls restroom and over heard three of the girls sadly tell the story that they will not be able to go their Senior prom this year.

The girls further related that their parents could not afford to buy them a prom dress and they were too embarrassed to attend the dance in regular street cloths.

Christina interrupted their conversation and asked what…

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