Hank Curci Writes: Lucky For Us, Planet Jupiter Did Not Become A Second Sun In The Sky To Form A Binary Star System.

Lucky For Us, Planet Jupiter Did Not Become A Second Sun





In the beginning, some four and a half billion years ago, our star, the sun started collecting, via gravity, space debris of dust, rocks, and broken asteroids to finally explode into a nuclear reactor becoming our life-giving energy system.

We almost had a two suns, or a binary, star system which was the planet Jupiter.

 However, Jupiter did collect enough hydrogen gas and space debris to fire off it’s nuclear core and hence remained a planet of mostly hydrogen gas.

Lucky for us, two suns in the sky may have generated excessive solar radiation thus hindering the start of life.

But we are thankful Jupiter did remain a giant planet because it is our solar system vacuum cleaner.

Jupiter’s massive gravitational attraction cleans up many of the damaging asteroids that would have hit Earth causing great destruction and possibly hindering the evolution of life on Planet Earth…

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