DID WE COME FROM OUTER SPACE: From A World Whose Star Went Nova Scattering Their Biological DNA In To The Endless Void Of Interstellar Space…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

Did We Come From Outer Space





Bombarding Comets On To Planet Earth From Outer Space Carry Earth Like Biological Organic Material That We Find In Our Bodies And DNA..

Are we the organic children of outer space travelers from another world whose star went nova scattering their biological DNA in to the endless void of interstellar space…

A DNA containing protein and Amino Acids the molecular building blocks of life found in the millions of comets ( Comets contain biological material and ice/water ) that bombarded planet earth some 3.5 billion years ago …a Fascinating Question ?

It has been discovered that comets are essentially dirty snow balls containing , water, ice, space junk, debris and Organic Molecules, the kind that we find in our own bodies.

Further, it is suspected that some of the water we have on Planet Earth came from hundreds of millions of comets bombarding the newly…

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